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The Shires Equine Dental College is committed to a policy of providing an affordable and accessable education in Equine Dentistry.

We have a proposed training course running during February 2009. With further courses planned across Europe throughout the year.
Please telephone Sally on the booking line for more details or complete an application form and send it to the email address or postal address.

The course is run within the scope of the Veterinary Act of the UK and on the Continent , in which it is currently legal for a lay person to float/rasp the teeth of an equine. It is illegal to perform any other dental manipulation or to administer tranqualisers or sedative drugs to an equine.

Under the present Veterinary legislation in the UK and Europe, there are no legal qualifications required to carry out the practising of Equine Dentistry. Examinations and qualifications issued by colleges and organisations in other countries are not recognised by the Veterinary Association at the present.

The aim of the Shires Equine Dental College is to produce students who are able to provide a high proffessional standard of basic work before the proceed to carrying out more complex introcate procedures.

The Introductory course is designed to produce competent equine dentists working within the confines of the current veterinary guidelines. It is hoped the training will furnish the individual with the practical skills and knowledge combined with a desire to succeed in a career within the equine dental industry.

Students on completion of the course will be expected to be able to produce a good standard of health float with an element of corrective work. They should also have a knowledge of basic equine dentistry issues. A Certificate of Attendance will be issued at the completion of the six day course.

Another certificate of attendance will be issued on the completion of six further days of practical day attendance.

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